Leading Home Inspection Service Provider in Bloomington


In Bloomington, American Central Inspection is the leading home inspection service provider with a team of highly qualified, experienced, reliable and trustworthy home inspectors. We are the answer to all your inspection needs as we are your local one-stop-shop when it comes to inspecting your homes. We take pride in stating that we provide best services for your inspection needs related to 

buyers inspection, radon inspection, four point inspection, point of sales inspection, etc. in Bloomington.


The inspection services being performed by our home inspectors are as per the standards set by InterNACHI and the reports contain 500+ points that are made available within 24 hours of the inspection performed. The reports are not only detailed but are also easy to read and understand. 


Our inspectors while inspecting does not consider any vested interest and provides the details with full honesty. The comprehensive report provided will leave you with complete peace of mind, whether you are purchasing the home of selling one. Call us today for prompt and honest home inspection service. We answer the phone 99% of time. Alternatively, you can leave your details with us and we will get back to you at the earliest.


Hire Certified Home Inspector Bloomington


In many states, it is not necessary for a home inspector to get any certification to become a private home inspector. American Central Inspection company is a fully licensed company and follows the state of art inspection standards defined by InterNACHI. All our home inspectors are certified and  hold memberships of various local and national trade organizations including the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). 


Getting an inspection done from a non qualified and non certified home inspector will definitely mislead you and you might end up purchasing a home with a lot of problems ending up paying higher cost. You normally get to know about these issues only after shifting into your new house. 


For the best, honest and true home inspection for either purchasing a new house or selling your existing one, you must only rely on an experienced, certified and qualified home inspector at Bloomington. Call us today to hire a reliable and certified home inspector. We answer 99% of our calls providing quick services with easy to understand reports within 24 hours of completion of the inspection.

 Why Choose Us for Inspection in Bloomington


Our team of home inspectors is a highly trained, experienced and certified team of home inspectors at Bloomington. As per the standards set by the certification bodies, a home inspector is required to have completed a minimum of 40 hours of training to perform the home inspection independently. Our team comes with an experience of 300 hours of hands inspection experience which sets them apart from other local home inspectors. Additionally, all our home inspectors mandatorily come from a construction background which gives them an edge to understand the building infrastructure better. Their experience from construction also leverages them to inspect houses from four point inspection criterias in checking the appliances age, set-up and actual performance status.


Our team is well equipped with the latest tools and techniques to provide an in depth inspection report quickly within 24 hours of the completion of inspection. These reports are detailed with 500+ inspection points and are easy to read and understand. We also provide leading services for continuing education for realtors. Call us today for professional, timely, and honest home inspection needs. 

About Bloomington, MN

Bloomington is a beautiful city with a competitive real estate market. The city also has some rules that you have to follow. It is required to carry out a home inspection by a certified inspector to complete a real estate deal. Our service can assist you in identifying the defects in your home so that it may be brought up to standard requirements.


We Follow these
Standards of Practice.

Covid-19 protocols

Aside from our normal standards of practice, American Central Inspection is Certified in best practices as developed by Internachi. We maintain 6ft distancing and PPE during all inspections.