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It is better to spend a little and get the home inspection of your property done, than spending thousands of dollars on expensive repairs and risk your and your family’s life. Home inspections can help you find out all the problems with the property, from the basic checks to the ones hidden in corners and cracks invisible to human eyes.


Search for “best & certified home inspection services near me”, and you will find us at the top of the search results. We have the best ratings and reviews for our home inspection in Minneapolis for our professional, punctual, affordable, and quality service. We have the most experienced and highly-trained home inspector in Minneapolis working with us, who examine your property thoroughly and give you a detailed report of issues that is easy to understand.


We want you to stay safe and spend your hard-earned money wisely, and hence we help you decide if the property you are planning to buy is worth the investment. We offer our services in cities of Minnesota like twin cities- Minneapolis & St. Paul, Maple Grove, and many more. Our inspections can help not only the property buyers, but also the sellers, real estates, and brokers and agents too.

If you have any concerns regarding our inspection services or if you need a free estimate, give us a call, and our friendly customer staff will schedule your meeting with our inspector.

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TO 2000+ Clients In 2020

Brice did an amazing job with the inspection. He was very detailed not only in inspecting but also with his descriptions to us on steps we can take to prevent damage to our new home! It was a pleasure having Brice do our home inspection.

Diana Anucinski

Very detailed report with pictures for every item. Picked up on all necessary repairs, even the smallest observations. Also, placed overviews for each segment and specific recommendations with links. Will hire and recommend Lyz again.

Jay Park

Brice does an outstanding job. He’s done a number of inspections for clients of mine and every one of them has been happy with his work. He’s very dependable, knowledgeable and treats each client like family. His care is genuine. He offers to help with any questions after the inspection and encourages clients to call him.

Dan Richardson

Point of sale inspection

Our point of sale (POS) inspection is a visual inspection of the complete interior and exterior of a property before entering into an agreement to sell the property. POS is done by a seller that gives the buyer peace of mind that the home is safe and sound and meets the city’s minimum housing requirements. A seller’s home inspection happens before the home is listed.

Buyers inspection

Buyers can request an inspection after the offer has been made on the home, and before closing the sale. After a home inspection is completed, the buyer can renegotiate their offer or request repairs if any issues or problems come up in the reports

Radon testing

Our radon (radioactive gas) inspection and testing can help you find if the radon level is 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L) or higher. Radon levels greater than 4 pCi/L is a silent killer and poses a risk to your life.

4 points inspection

Our 4-point home inspection ensures the well-being of your home. It involves examining the four major systems of your property: roof & structure, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. This will help many insurance companies to get or maintain home insurance coverage.

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We have earned a lot of reputation after helping thousands of clients and businesses in Minneapolis, St.Paul, Maple Grove, and many other cities. to know the true quality of the property they are dealing with. We work with complete dedication and punctuality, and our services are pretty affordable as compared to others in the market


Be it a large home inspection or a small one, simple project or complex, we specialize in all. Our inspection services include 4-point inspection, HVAC inspection, termite inspections, pool & spa evaluations, radon inspection, and a lot more.


We provide maximum comfort and flexibility to you and work at your convenient time, by working in early mornings, late evenings, and even on weekends and holidays, so that you can sit back and relax while we do all the hard work for you.

Trained For Excellence
Standard training for the State of Minnesota only requires 40 hours and one can be a Home Inspector. At American central inspections, we have not just 40 hours but over 300 hours of hands on training in the field to serve you our best. Plus, all of our inspectors have a construction background so they know what they’re looking at.
Top Of The Line Tools
Standard training for the State of Minnesota only requires 40 hours and one can be a Home Inspector. At American central inspections, we have not just 40 hours but over 300 hours of hands on training in the field to serve you our best. Plus, all of our inspectors have a construction background so they know what they’re looking at.
Unbiased Reporting in 24 Hours
We got the best reporting software on the market. So our reports are clear, actionable and we take over 200 pictures to add into the report. We are 100% thorough and efficient, and we can provide the full report within 24 hours and even sooner upon request.
Going The Extra Mile For You
We offer ongoing support and expertise when needed. We know the numbers for what things cost. We often times have popped back to a house to answer a question or concern to help you in your house buying or selling.
License & Certifications
Areas We Cover

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We answer the phone 99% of the time, schedule as quickly as possible and complete the report in a 24 hour period.

American Central Inspection Service is your local, trustworthy one-stop-shop for inspections. Over the last 23 years, we have worked hard to provide the best home, buyer, TISH, and radon inspection in Saint Paul. In fact, we are one of the top three contractors in the city. We even provide instruction and continuing education credits for Minnesota realtors with our knowledge and resources.

Reasons to choose American Central Inspection Service for your next inspection include:

  • Rapid response time
  • Buyer inspections that are designed to disclose, not discourage
  • Clear, easy to understand reports

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Some of the most common problems that we have noticed after inspecting thousands of customers are structural issues in the building, roofing problems, issues with plumbing, electrical connections, heating and cooling system/HVAC, water damage and leakage, and termites & blisters in the wooden surfaces.
Some of the most common things that every home inspector should cover at the very beginning are electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and structural issues. Home inspection fails when the home inspector fails to address the root cause of the issues, and fails to cover the hidden problems in the structure that are invisible to human eyes like hidden mold and faulty foundation.
Our home inspectors examine your property with great details for the smallest of the issues. They give you and explain to you the reports generated after the inspection. Based on the list of issues you can decide what needs to be fixed, and whether you should do a transaction on that property. Some issues like plumbing, poor water pressure, or leaks, roofing, drainage issues, faulty electrical connections, and termites need to be fixed as soon as they are discovered. These issues can cause bigger problems in future leading to even bigger expenses, and can also be a risk to your and your family's lives.

We Follow these
Standards of Practice.

Covid-19 protocols

Aside from our normal standards of practice, American Central Inspection is Certified in best practices as developed by Internachi. We maintain 6ft distancing and PPE during all inspections.