Radon testing


Buying a home of your dreams is a huge investment and so is moving into a new office for business. We at American Central Inspection perform commercial and residential inspections for testing radon. Radon Testing done by a professional before moving into a new space, helps you provide information about any health hazards that you may incur. Following is more information about Radon and its testing.


Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally due to the uranium present in the soil, rocks and even in water. It is tasteless, odorless and colourless gas and can be found in all homes in the United States thus posing danger to humans. Radon is a permeable gas and enters the homes through cracks in walls and floors, the area around pipelines, construction joints and more. In small quantities radon presence in the house is not dangerous, however a prolonged exposure to concentrated quantities of radon can be a health risk. 


The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) suggests that every house in the 50 states of the United States of America should test for radon presence. While it is impossible to escape its presence, the quantity of radon should at least be managed. So every home seller or buyer should test the house once. Radon testing can be successfully done by professionals when they conduct a series of tests. We at American Central Inspections are qualified trained professionals to check the presence of these harmful gases. We are dedicated to our honest work towards our clients which prevent you from becoming a victim of these harmful gases.

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Aside from our normal standards of practice, American Central Inspection is Certified in best practices as developed by Internachi. We maintain 6ft distancing and PPE during all inspections.